Looking to enhance your career while living on the Kibbutz?

Kibbutz Etzion Tzuba now offers participants to apply for internship positions near the kibbutz (in the area of Jerusalem), which will replace the volunteering work on the kibbutz. In other words, participants live on the kibbutz, study Hebrew in the Ulpan on some days and Internship on other days.

How does this work?
When you contact us to apply for Kibbutz Ulpan, please note that you are looking to intern while staying on Kibbutz Etzion Tzuba. Our internship coordinator will contact you to understand what position you are looking for and will do the best to find the perfect internship position for you! This service is at extra cost. Please ask our program coordinator.

Jerusalem and the area, offer a wide array of internship positions. Here are just a few organizations and companies that have internship vacancies:

Alut – The Israeli Society for Children and Adults with Autism

Alyn Hospital – Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center 

So grab your chance, contact us below:

In addition to the regular Kibbutz Ulpan program, the next session in Ulpan NAAN [starting February 2019 and ending July 2019] – now offers participants to apply for internships near the kibbutz (in the area of Rehovot), which will replace the work in the kibbutz. In other words, participants live on the kibbutz and study Hebrew in the ulpan, but when the “regular” ulpanists go to work, the Ulpan Interns will travel to their internship places.

PRICEThe price of this prestigious program is 7,500 US$. Masa funding is available for eligible participants. In addition, the program organizer provides an additional scholarship of  up to 1,000 US$. So grab your chance, and get in touch with us! 


Digital media coordinator in the educational sphere

Sector: Education
Position: Digital Media Coordinator:

  • Manage/create content of department website
  • Administration of department activities online
  • Marketing and branding of department and its activities
  • Assistance in additional department projects on a need for basis


  • Relevant University experience (1-3 years completed)
  • Marketing and research background
  • Understanding of digital marketing platforms
  • Experience in online content creation and management
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
  • Mastery of English
  • Previous involvement with International Jewish Zionist Organizations

Graphic and web designer in the educational sphere

Position: Web and Graphic Designer:

  • Graphic design for department website
  • Create images, banners, logo’s, letter heads and forms
  • Create registration and information forms for department delegations, courses, seminars and conferences.


  • Relevant University experience (1-3 years completed)
  • Graphic design and content creation background
  • Understanding of digital marketing platforms
  • Experience in online content creation and management
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
  • Mastery of English
  • Previous involvement with International Jewish Zionist Organizations

Social Media Management for an Israeli Political Organization: The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus

Sector:Israeli Politics

Positions: Social Media Coordinator:

  • Manage the social media accounts
  • Plan and coordinate events
  • Administrative tasks
  • Coordinate with other leaders


  • Native English speaker
  • Advanced writing skills
  • Background in political advocacy/activity
  • Previous experience creating digital content
  • Ability to work 2-3 days per week

Marketing Coordinator for trading company

Sector:Tech/ Start Up

Positions: Marketing Coordinator:

  • Manage marketing operations
  • Edit content and perform other editorial tasks
  • Creative content writing and editing
  • Social media marketing and research


  • Background in marketing
  • Mastery of English language
  • Previous experience in managing digital content


Sales Associate for trading company

Sector:Tech/ Start up

Positions: Sales Associate:

  • Sales development
  • Develop and implement an effective sales strategy


  • Previous experience in sales
  • Background in trading
  • Positive and motived individual


Engineer for trading company

Sector:Tech/ Start up

Positions:Programming Engineer:

  • JavaScript developer
  • Python
  • Data scientist
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Delivering concepts and designs
  • Working directly with developers and product managers to conceptualize, test and build products


  • Previous engineer experience of 1-3 years minimum
  • Extensive knowledge of engineering programs
  • Programming background
  • Previous experience in trading company an asset

Assistance to Physiotherapist

Sector:Bio tech/ Medical

Positions: Physiotherapist Assistant:

  • Transporting patients from rehabilitation ward to the physiotherapy department
  • Supervising patients while they exercise with virtual reality systems
  • Helping in operating and supervising the robotic gait rehabilitation system
  • Helping and supervising in the rehabilitation gym
  • Assisting in the movement laboratory
  • Assisting physiotherapists in the pool (optional)


  • Background in the medical field
  • Previous experience working in physiotherapy an asset
  • Basic knowledge of Hebrew


Educational marketing intern in a not-for-profit


Positions: Marketing Intern:

Complete a thorough assessment of current advertising performance

  • Work with internal marketing team on creative spec requirements
  • Delivery of digital campaigns
  • Responsible for writing 8 articles per month on a variety of topics
  • Create and manage social media advertising campaigns and Google Adwords campaigns
  • Ensure that campaigns, assets, communications and messaging are aligned with the brand guidelines and tone of voice
  • Perform quality assurance/quality control checks on campaigns to ensure that they have been set up correctly and are delivering on pace 
  • Provide weekly/monthly delivery reports detailing campaign status 
  • Measure and optimize your paid media efforts across all channels and turn those insights into future campaigns and recommendations 
  • Help develop an advertising strategy and roadmap to grow audience and user base while maintaining a positive user experience 
  • Evaluate new technologies, market trends and industry best practices 
  • Be a key contributor to the overall marketing department, with a focus on social media expansion


  • Creative, sharp and compassionate individuals
  • Previous experience in social media marketing
  • Understanding of digital marketing platforms
  • A self-starter but loves teamwork 
  • Passionate about social media and growing our online following
  • Advance writing skills, comfortable with both, press releases, self interest articles and script writing as needed
  • Enjoy taking pictures and comfortable with a camera 
  • Familiar with Google Adwords and Google Analytics, or the passion to learn 
  • Have strong Excel or Google Spreadsheet skills 
  • Ability to quickly learn new tools to put them to work 
  • A love for organization, planning, problem-solving, project management, and time management skills 
  • Very detail-oriented in your day-to-day work but also have a firm grasp of the broader digital advertising landscape 
  • Strong attention to detail with a mind for quality first 
  • An independent thinker who is intellectually persistent 
  • A natural wordsmith with a passion to create clever headlines 
  • Desire to interview students outside of the office, comfortable with travelling across the city 


Programming intern for e-commerce platform

 Sector:High tech/ start up

Positions: Web developer:

  • Working closely with lead programmer and CTO
  • Access to the heart of the product and code
  • Handling servers


  • Knowledge in JavaScript
  • Experience with Node JS
  • Availability for an extended period of time
  • Flexibility to work 2-3 days per week

Graphic design intern for e-Commerce platform

Sector:High tech/ start up

Positions: Graphic designer:

  • Working closely with product manager and creative director
  • Working with large clients
  • Creating product designs


  • Knowledge in Illustrator
  • Background in UI/UX
  • Orientation to the e-Commerce industry
  • Prior experience with user research and testing
  • Fast product design iterations with existing product
  • Personal orientation towards design


Social media manager for fashion industry


Positions:Social media manager:

  • Create posts for various social media platforms


  • Passion for fashion
  • Understanding of social media marketing
  • Prior experience in digital content creation


Fashion Blog Content Writer 


Positions: Fashion Blog Writing:

  • Responsible for writing blogs for the ‘cover girl blog’
  • Posting several times a week to over hundreds of readers


  • Background in journalism or blogging
  • Mastery of English
  • Basic knowledge of Hebrew
  • Passion for fashion


Market Research for a fashion company


Positions: Market Researcher:

  • Customer and market research
  • Build marketing personas


  • Background in research
  • Analytic skills
  • Mastery of Microsoft office programs


IMPORTANT - READ THIS BEFORE MESSAGING US! Our organization is in charge only of the registration of the tourists who want to participate in the program. Generally, our participants come to Israel as tourists, and if thery are eligible, they can benefit from a Masa Israel Journey Grant/Scholarship, and significantly lower the program cost. Then, after five months in the program, they can begin their Aliyah process with a much better Hebrew level. If you have already made Aliyah or want to come to Israel as an Oleh/Olah, then leave this website and contact the Jewish Agency for Israel directly.

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