Kibbutz Ulpan Sde Eliyahu

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September 1st, 2024

History-rich location. High-end facilities.

Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is a Modern Orthodox Religious Kibbutz located in the Bet Shean Valley,
just south of the town of Bet Shean near the Jordanian border. 

The kibbutz is still fully communal and collective and all the industries are agricultural based and many organic farming methods are used.

Ulpan Sde Eliyahu is different from most Ulpanim because we offer the opportunity to learn in a religious community. For students who wish, we can also arrange additional religious (Torah) classes. Whether you are already observant or simply looking to grow religiously, our Modern Orthodox environment provides a beautiful, pastoral environment for work and study.

Sde Eliyahu is also home to Hamsa lone soldiers. Hamsa is an enveloping five-year program in the Kibbutz for your optimal integration in the Israeli society, all while allowing you to have a meaningful service in the IDF. Read more about Hamsa!

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Participants live in shared rooms with two participants in each room. Each room has toilets and a shower.

Participants are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and surroundings.

Since all meals and food products are provided, an additional meal allowance isn’t needed.

Apart from three meals a day, any other food/expenses are the responsibility of the participant.

Food on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is Kosher.

Participants will prepare breakfast and dinner on their own. The main lobby of the Ulpan has a spacious and fully equipped kitchen.

Lunch is provided at the communal dining hall. On Shabbat, dinner and lunch are provided at the dining hall.

Sde Eliyahu caters for food-sensitive people.

Hebrew lessons are divided into two level groups: Level 1 for beginners and Level 2 for advanced students. The beginner class may have up to 12 students while the advanced class could have up to 20 students.

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The afternoons and evenings are your spare time! You can exercise at the gym, play pool or backgammon at the main lobby, or just relax and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the kibbutz. 🙂

During holidays and weekends, you’re free to travel or meet with friends and family!

During the weekends, you’re free to do as you wish. But don’t forget class starts early Sunday morning! 🙂

During your stay, you’ll enjoy 3-4 planned trips across the country. You’ll also take part in the kibbutz holiday celebrations with the rest of the community.

Once a month, you’ll enjoy a guided tour across the country at no extra cost!

As a Kibbutz Ulpan participant, you will have access to a variety of cultural activities organized by Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu and by the Jewish Agency for Israel, including tours around Israel and holiday celebrations with the kibbutznikim.

Kibbutz Ulpan across all the Kibbutzim is the same price and costs $6,500 for the full 5 months. This cost includes: Ulpan classes, housing and meals (unless stated otherwise in “Meals”), and guided tours and activities operated by Kibbutz Ulpan.

As a Masa Israel-sponsored program, you may be eligible for a Masa grant that may cover up to 50% of the program tuition. Contact us to find out more!

Public transport

The kibbutz includes a swimming pool (in summer months), a basketball court, a soccer court, a gym, and a synagogue which are all complimentary.

If you are already in the process of making Aliyah please apply for this program here:  The Jewish Agency

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IMPORTANT –  READ THIS BEFORE MESSAGING US!  Our organization is in charge only of the registration of tourists who want to participate in the program. Generally, our participants come to Israel as tourists, and if they are eligible, they can benefit from a Masa Israel Journey Grant/Scholarship, and significantly reduce the program cost. Once they have finished the program, they can begin their Aliyah process with a much better Hebrew level. If you have already made Aliyah or want to come to Israel as an Oleh/Olah, please visit The Jewish Agency for Israel directly.

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