Masa Israel Journey Grants

All Jewish Kibbutz Ulpan applicants may apply for a MASA grant/scholarship.

You do not need to wait until you are officially accepted to a program to apply for a MASA grant/scholarship; you should apply for a MASA grant/scholarship and the Kibbutz Ulpan program simultaneously. We recommend that you apply as early as you can, as it takes some time to process a new grant/scholarship application.

Please visit the MASA website to apply online for the grant/scholarship

MASA grants/scholarships are based on country of origin, program type and length, age, and personal need.

Please Note: The MASA application is only valid if you also apply to the program itself. Once you apply to MASA, you will receive an automatic confirmation from MASA.

The grant/scholarship will be transferred to the Kibbutz Ulpan Program on your behalf—it is NOT a personal grant/scholarship. The program fee does NOT include flights, ground transportation upon arrival and departure, and personal spending money and transportation fees.


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