Living on Kibbutz

Living arrangements on Kibbutz Ulpan Program differ from kibbutz to kibbutz. Most are dormitory- style with two or three participants to a room, and shared adjacent bathroom and shower facilities.
The Kibbutz Ulpan Program provides full room and board in the kibbutz, as well as sheets, blankets, work-clothes and laundry services.
Some kibbutzim ask for a nominal fee for laundry services.
Some kibbutzim also provide towels, but not all.
There is WIFI in all kibbutzim, but perhaps not inside the rooms. If not, then you will be able to connect close-by.
Most kibbutzim have a special MOADON (clubhouse) for the use of Ulpan participants.

Kibbutz Ulpan Program participants receive a budget for 3 meals a day. This budget is equal to the one kibbutz members receive.
Please note: non-religious Kibbutzim do not necessarily provide Kosher food. Please check with the organizers of the Kibbutz Ulpan Program which kibbutz provides Kosher food and which does not.

Winters can be cold in Israel, so bring warm clothing.
If you prefer to bring your own work shoes, make sure they are sturdy and reach above the ankle.