Work on the Kibbutz

The Kibbutz Ulpan Program is based on the principle of study and work.
Participants work up to 24 hours a week and study 18 to 24 hours a week. Specific schedules differ on each kibbutz.
The type of work one does depends mainly on the need of the kibbutz. One may be assigned to the gardens, dairy, fish ponds, kibbutz shop, barns, factories, kitchen, dining hall, kindergartens, laundry or any other place where needed. Work assignments are rotated whenever possible, but be prepared for relatively menial work and tiring physical labor.
While the jobs given to you during the Kibbutz Ulpan Program are not necessarily your choice and perhaps also not your most favourite, please remember that they are not your jobs for the rest of your adult life, and also not necessarily your future career.