Ulpan Director: Yehudit Shams
Tel: +972(0)9 8983164
Mobile: +972 (0)52 2658062
Fax: +972(0)9 8983357

Address: Ulpan Mishmar HaSharon
Kibbutz Mishmar HaSharon
Zipcode 40270
Kibbutz Mishmar HaSharon is located in Central Israel, near Netanya.
The kibbutz was founded 80 years ago there are now approximately 400 inhabitants of which 200 are members, 120 are children and about 80 are temporary residents. This number includes members of the first generation of settlers, families that boast four generation of members currently on the Kibbutz. There is a constant stream of ulpan students that study in our community. You will be joining a tradition of continuous ulpanim for more than 40 years that have become a permanent fixture of Kibbutz life in Mishmar Hasharon.

The economic base of this community is divided into main branches: Agriculture: that includes extensive citrus and subtropical groves, corn, cotton, sunflowers and a variety of other crops. We also have fish ponds and chicken houses.

A large number of members works off of the kibbutz at various jobs and their income is added to the Kibbutz budget. A large service sector insures that the Kibbutz is highly independent and includes kitchen and dining room staff, our laundry, kinder gardeners, dental and medical clinics etc.
Price: 5,650 U$D   (as from June 1, 2016)