Ulpan Director: Steve Charter
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Address: Ulpan Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu
Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu
Zipcode 10810

Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is a Modern Orthodox Religious Kibbutz located in the Bet Shean valley, just south of the town of Bet Shean near the border with Jordan.
The kibbutz is still fully communal and collective and all the industries are agricultural based and many organic farming methods are used.
Ulpan Sde Eliyahu is different from most Ulpanim because we offer the opportunity to learn in a religious community. For students who wish, we can also arrange additional religious (Torah) classes. Whether you are already observant or simply looking to grow religiously, our Modern Orthodox environment provides a beautiful, pastoral environment for work and study.

Participants live in a dormitory adjacent to the Ulpan building. We house two-to-three people per room on single-sex floors. Each room comes with A/C, closets, linens, individual reading lamps, and a table and chairs. Bathroom facilities are located on each floor.
Our Multi-lingual helpful Ulpan dorm mother, Devora, has an office/storeroom directly below the Ulpan classroom, where she keeps fresh linens, work clothes, and other items to help you settle in.
Price: 5,650 US$


General info about kibbutz, including special features (location, size, climate, proximity to cities, communal/privatized/, demography, etc) Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is a Modern Orthodox kibbutz located in The Valley of Springs. We are close by to the city of Beit Shean, half hour from Afula and 45 minutes south of Tiberias. Sde Eliyahu was founded in 1939 by pioneers from Germany. We are a traditional non privatized kibbutz, where organic farming was introduced in Israel.
What makes this kibbutz/ulpan special? We keep Shabbat, all holidays and are kosher. We have an active synagogue with daily services. We have an organic market garden and our largest source of income is from our factory Bio-bee which produces beneficial insects. We try to provide not just an Israeli experience but a Jewish one.
How many ulpanists? up to 38 students
How do I reach the kibbutz? There is train service to Beit Shean and the #17 Superbus enters the kibbutz several times in the morning and afternoon. From Jerusalem there is the 961 and 966 Egged bus which passes by the junction on the road that passes the kibbutz
Arrival & Departure? You can arrive up to 3 days before the ulpan start date. Contact us if you are expecting a late arrival. Depature is on the last day of the program.
How do work & class alternate? Students learn and work on alernating days; 6 days a week.
Hebrew Classes Classes take place 3 days a week for a total of 24 hours a week. The teachers are provided by the Ministry of Education. We have at least 2 levels of learning.
Textbooks & Dictionaries The ulpan program provides  textbooks. Students should bring dictionaries as cellphone use in class is forbidden.
Work Students are required to work 24 hours a week. We try matching students that suit their needs and abilities.
Work places Student work options are: Commercial field crops, organic market garden, date plantation, dairy shed, store, dining hall, kitchen, gardening, spice factory.
Work Rotation? Can I switch jobs? We try to suit students to jobs. If a student is unhappy with their job than it is possible to be switched.
Fridays Friday is a shorter class and work day.
Synagogue Modern Orthodox
Kashrut? Of course! Rabanute
Breakfast Breakfast is served in kibbutz dining hall.
Lunch Lunch in the kibbutz dining hall. Friday's lunch is simple and in the ulpan moadone.
Dinner Dinner is served in the kibbutz dining hall
Shabbat and holidays During Shabbat and holidays there is a festive meal for dinner and lunch. Lunch is served early and there is no breakfast. There is kiddush in the moadon. Students are required to keep the rules of Shabbat: no use of electrical appliances, cellphones, computers, smoking, ...
Days off & Vacation Usually every 3rd Shabbat is free. Students get off earlier on Friday and have to return to kibbutz Sunday night. If there are holidays then the free shabbat is moved. Holidays are free.
Free time During Shabbat, Jewish holidays and after work/class upanists are free to use their leisure time as they wish. You can leave the kibbutz during your free time (after work/class & on weekends) as long as you return to the kibbutz in time for work/class.
Trips We have three single day trips to different locations around the country and a 2 day trip.
What can I do in my free time? We have a young woman doing her National Service (Sherut Leumi) who is our social director. She arranges activities through-out the week.
Can I have visitors? Ulpanists can have guests visit them on the kibbutz during the days. Visits must be prearranged with the ulpan manager and no guests are allowed overnight. 
Transportation There is train service to Beit Shean and the #17 Superbus enters the kibbutz several times in the morning and afternoon. From Jerusalem there is the 961 and 966 Egged bus which passes by the junction on the road that passes the kibbutz.
Around the kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is located in the pastoral Valley of Springs. Beit Shean, which is a small town is 10 minutes away.
Accommodation Rooms are usually shared between 2 or 3 ulpanists. Each room has beds, a desk, closets,  and air-conditioning.  Work clothes, work shoes, pillow, blanket, towels,  sheets will all be provided to you by the kibbutz. All rooms have air-conditioning. There is a men's floor and a womens floor. Men are not allowed on the woman's floor or in rooms. Woman are not allowed in men's rooms.
Where are the toilets/bathrooms? shared (in the hallways)
Wifi & Computers There is wifi throughtout our campus. Sometimes the signal may be weak in the dorm rooms. There are 3 computers available in the moadone.
Deposit Upon arrival to the kibbutz you must pay a NIS 500 security deposit that will be returned to you on departure only when you successfully complete the program.
Dress code Students are required to dress modestly. Men must wear a kippah or hat. Woman may wear pants, skirts, or dresses no lower than their knees. No tank or tube tops or bikinis.
Moadon The moadone is the student lounge. There is a tv and 3 computers, plus a dairy kitchnette. It is open 24/7.
Clinic There is a clinic on the kibbutz where you can see a nurse, doctor, or get medicine from the pharmacy. If you need to go to the clinic, a member of ulpan staff will arrange this for you.
Swimming Pool We have an olimpic sizes pool that is open in the summer. We have men's hours, woman's hours, and family hours.
Sports Lighted soccer field, basketball and tennis court, weight room. Kibbutz is surrounded by bike paths.
Post Office There is a post office on kibbutz. 
Ulpan Office The office is on the ulpan campus. There is a copier, fax, and scanner. The Ulpan manager is usually available throught the day. The house mother has set hours. Both live on the kibbutz and are on call 24/7 in case of emergency. 
Laundry Laundry is done throught-out the week in the kibbutz central laundry. Students must mark their clothing with their assigned number. The kibbutz is not responsible for lost or stolen items
Shop Sde Eliyahu has a "kolbo" which stocks just about everything, including fresh fruit, vegetables, frozen items, toiletries, cleaning products, clothes, and stationery. Items are marked with 2 prices; a subsidized price for our members and a price for students and employees.
ATM There is an ATM on kibbutz
Pets  Absolutely no pets can be brought with you and no pets can be adopted while you stay on the kibbutz.