Ulpan Director: Dalia Barak
Tel: +972-4-6394430
Mobile: +972(0)52 2272922
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Address: Ulpan
Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael
Mobile Post Menashe 37805

Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael has had two Ulpanim a year since 1958, and today over 25% of the members of Ma'agan Michael are graduates. The ulpan is a central part of the identity of Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael.
Ma'agan Michael is a successful kibbutz and the Ulpan is a part of that success. We are located 65 kilometers north of Tel Aviv and 35 kilometers south of Haifa, on the Mediterranean coast.
No matter what your life experience was before the Ulpan, you will be expected to behave as a mature adult during the Ulpan. You will have the freedom to make decisions that you may not have had before you joined the program. Use your freedom wisely. You will take responsibility for your own actions.
The program is open to candidates aged 18-30.
On our Ulpan, we work half a day and study half a day. We take both our studies and work very seriously.
The program is challenging and not for everyone. However, if you are serious about studying, working and having a unique Israel experience, the Ulpan at Ma'agan Michael could well be for you..
The kibbutz provides a free, limited shuttle service to and from the train station in Binyamina. We will give you the details when you arrive.
Price: 5,650 USD