Ulpan Director: Ari Shinar
Tel: +972(0)4 9848665
Mobile: +972(0)54 5618541
Fax: +972(0)4 9037006
Address: Ulpan Yagur
Kibbutz Yagur
Zipcode 30065

Kibbutz Yagur is located in the North of Israel, at the base of Mount Carmel. The Kibbutz is approximately 10 minutes from Haifa, with easy transportation to all regions.

Kibbutz Yagur’s Hebrew Ulpan is an excellent place to live, study, work, and experience Israel. Nestled amidst the beautiful Carmel Mountain range, we are conveniently located just fifteen minutes outside of Haifa, with easy access to its many cafes, nightclubs, and cultural activities. We are also nearby to Tsfat, Tiberias, the Sea of Galilee, and the Golan Heights, and only one and a half hours from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

Our Kibbutz - one of the largest in Israel - has many industries for you to be involved in, and can offer access to many of the facilities shared by the Yagur community. We have a dairy farm and a zoo, we produce some of the finest olive oil in the region, and we have a nursery that grows the most beautiful flowers in Israel. Kibbutz Yagur has an Olympic-size pool, basketball and tennis courts, wireless Internet, access to all of the Mt. Carmel hiking trails, and we offer free access to our dance club, the largest in Northern Israel. You will keep busy among our community of 1,500 people.
Price: 5,650 U$D  (as from June 1, 2016) 

General info about kibbutz, including special features (location, size, climate, proximity to cities, communal/privatized/, demography, etc) Yagur is 25-30 minutes by car from Haifa, the third largest city in Israel
What makes this kibbutz/ulpan special?  
How many ulpanists?  
How do I reach the kibbutz? If you do not arrive directly to Yagur via prearranged transportation, take bus or train to Lev Hamifratz (the closest transportation hub). From there either taxi 10 minutes or transfer to one of the regularly operating buses that will take you to right outside the kibbutz (#75, 331, 332, 180).
Arrival & Departure? You can arrive up to 3 days before the ulpan start date, but be sure to arrive at least by the afternoon of the start date. You can also stay up to 3 days after the ulpan finishes.
How do work & class alternate?  
Hebrew Classes Classes take place 3 days a week from 8am to 3pm. Friday is a half-day so if you have class on Friday you will also have an extra session once a week in the afternoon after work. No prior Hebrew knowledge is necessary for the ulpan program. There are 3 class levels and upon arrival. Two teachers will evaluate your Hebrew level and place you in the proper class. 
Textbooks & Dictionaries The ulpan program provides no textbooks or dictionaries. If you have either of these, we recommend bringing them to assist during class.
Work Work is also 3 days a week with a half-day on Friday. The hours you work will vary depending on the job. There are many different jobs on the kibbutz and you will be placed in a job which matches your skills and the level of Hebrew you need to know to get the job done.
Work places Examples of jobs vary from working in the Refet (cow farm), the laundry, the dining hall, the kitchen, kindergarten, the petting zoo, the cleaning staff, the wedding garden, the plant nursery, helping to maintain ulpan buildings, and out in the fields.
Work Rotation? Can I switch jobs?  
Fridays Work: a half-day on Friday. Class: Friday is a half-day so if you have class on Friday you will also have an extra session once a week in the afternoon after work.
Synagogue Services on Shabat and the High Holidays
Kashrut? Food on the kibbutz is not kosher
Breakfast Breakfast is served in the ulpan moadon (common room) Sunday-Thursday. On Fridays ulpanists eat in the kibbutz dining hall and on Saturdays there is no breakfast.
Lunch Ulpanists eat lunch in the kibbutz dining hall Sunday-Thursday. No lunch is served on Fridays and Saturdays.
Dinner Ulpanists eat dinner in the ulpan moadon Saturday-Thursday. On Friday ulpanists eat dinner in the kibbutz dining hall where they can take an extra portion of food for lunch on Saturday.
Payment for meals For meals eaten in the kibbutz dining hall, an allowance (in points) is provided each month. Any unspent points will not rollover to the next month and anything spent over the  limit must be paid back.
Days off & Vacation Ulpanists are usually able to take one day off from either work or class each month. This must be prearranged with both the ulpan manager and your workplace/teacher.
Free time During Shabbat, Jewish holidays and after work/class upanists are free to use their leisure time as they wish. You can leave the kibbutz during your free time (after work/class & on weekends) as long as you return to the kibbutz in time for work/class.
Trips A number of trips off the kibbutz are arranged by the ulpan. These can vary from year to year but may include a trip to Haifa, Jerusalem, and Eilat
What can I do in my free time? hiking trails, and one of the most popular clubs in Israel, a movie theatre, basketball and tennis courts, two soccer fields and a large (100 ft in length) swimming pool (open only in summer)
Can I have visitors? Ulpanists can have guests visit them on the kibbutz during the days. Visits must be prearranged with the ulpan manager and no guests are allowed overnight. . There are hotels/hostels located in Haifa that can accommodate any visitors.
Transportation There is a bus stop outside the kibbutz served by a number of local bus routes. The closest station is Lev Hamifratz which can be reached by bus from the kibbutz. From Lev Hamifratz you can take many buses into Haifa and the surrounding area as well as the train to other cities.
Around the kibbutz there is a big supermarket just out side the kibbuuz (Stopmarket) Next to the train station of Lev HaMifrats is a big mall with many shops, places to eat and e cinema. Yagur is very 15 minutes drive from haifa, the second largest city in Israel.
Accommodation Rooms are usually shared between 2 or 3 ulpanists. Each room has beds, a desk, wardrobes, a fridge, and air-conditioning. Towels are not provided. Work clothes, work shoes, pillow, blanke &, sheets will all be provided to you by the kibbutz. All rooms have air-conditioning. Rooms are single-sex but buildings may be mixed
Where are the toilets/bathrooms? shared (in the hallways)
Wifi & Computers There is no wifi in the bedrooms. There are three computers available in the office for daily use and wireless Internet access is available in the office for those who bring laptops. We recommend bringing laptops for personal use, however, as with all valuables, you yourself are held responsible.
Money Matters The kibbutz uses its own currency known as couponim. Couponim can be purchased with cash in the ulpan office and must be used for any purchases in the markolit, kolbo, and pub. Ulpanists do not receive pocket money.
Deposit Upon arrival to the kibbutz you must pay a NIS 400 deposit that will be returned to you on departure only when you successfully complete the program & have no debts to the kibbutz and/or to the program.
Facilities on the kibbutz  
Moadon The "Moadon"  is like a common room for the ulpan. It is where many meals are eaten and has a TV as well as WiFi. The moadon is opened each morning and locked at night.
Clinic There is a clinic on the kibbutz where you can see a nurse, doctor, or get medicine from the pharmacy. If you need to go to the clinic, a member of ulpan staff will arrange this for you.
Swimming Pool Swimming Pool (100ft) - only in the summer season
Sports Soccer court; Tennis court; Gym
Post Office Your address to receive post on the ulpan is: YOUR NAME, Ulpan, Kibbutz Yagur, Israel, 30065
Ulpan Office The Ulpan office is located above the Moadon. The ulpan manager and house mother can usually be found here during office open hours. The laundry room, lost property, and post room are also located here.
Laundry Laundry is done once a week. Each ulpanist is given a number and must label all clothes with that number. Laundry is provided once a week, however, the kibbutz is not responsible for lost or stolen items
Shops Food shop (markolit): Sells many food items including fresh fruit, vegetables, and frozen items. Grocery shop (kolbo): Sells items such as toiletries, cleaning products, clothes, and stationery.
Pub The kibbutz has a pub which is open to ulpanists on Thursday and Friday nights.
Other Pets: Absolutely no pets can be brought with you and no pets can be adopted while you stay on the kibbutz.
Packing list - what to bring  
Packing list - what NOT to bring