NAAN Internship Options


In addition to the regular Kibbutz Ulpan program, the next session in 

Ulpan NAAN [starting August 31 2017 and ending February 2, 2018] – REHOVOT area

now offers participants to apply for internships near the kibbutz, which will replace the work in the kibbutz. In other words, participants live on the kibbutz and study Hebrew in the ulpan, but when the "regular" ulpanists go to work, the Ulpan Interns will travel to their internship places.

PRICE: The participant pays only 3,500 US$ for this prestigious program! The actual list price is 7,500 $. Masa funding (for participants from the age of 22) is 3,000 US$. In addition, the program organizer provides an additional scholarship of 1,000 $. So grab your chance, and get in touch with us! 
#1: Industry or Field: Hi-Tec & Start-up 
Offices outside of Israel? No
Location:Ness Ziona / Rehovot  
Invents, patents, designs & manufactures IoT Smart-Packaging solutions for beverage, food, home, pharma & beauty industries. Our solutions harness the power of IoT via disposable Smart-Caps sensors for bottles and packages, tracking use of the product and transmitting data to an app, alerting consumers when it’s time to use the product and when it runs low. With an analytics dashboard that gives brands access to powerful data, this is the first IoT Smart Packaging solution available.
Number of positions available: 5
Internship Position Title: Marketing and Communications Intern
Intern will take the marketing materials of the company to the next level, improve English copy, and design of: Brochures, customer and investor presentations, materials for trade shows and more. 
Internship Position Title: Q&A Tester
Test our innovative products end to end - from hardware to apps and server side software - it all needs to be tested. 
Internship Position Title: Software Development Intern
Join our leading software development team, learn how to develop for mobile apps, server side, or website guide. 
Internship Position Title: Video Creation Intern  
Seeking an artistic person to create videos of the company and products.
Internship Position Title: Hardware Engineering Intern  
Assist our leading hardware team, experiment with arduino and other hardware and materials, 3d printing, building prototypes. 
#2: Industry or field: High-tech & Startup 
A global technology company that delivers high-quality advertising solutions to brands and publishers, committed to providing outstanding execution. From high-impact ad formats to branded search and a unified social and mobile programmatic platform – we’ve got you covered. One of our divisions provides publishers with engagement and monetization solutions, using high-quality ad formats and search results. 
Location: Holon 
Offices outside of Israel:  NY, San Francisco, Barcelona, Paris
Number of positions available: 1 
Internship Position Title: Marketing associate Intern
We are looking for an English speaking person with basic knowledge of the online marketing world that will be interested in doing an internship within the division marketing team focusing on learning about market analysis and the social media world. 
Number of employees: 500 
#3: Field: Business & Finance, Environment / Clean-tech, High-tech / Start-up, Science & Engineering
Does your company have offices outside of Israel?  No
Location (City): All over Israel. Main branch in Rishon LeZion
Number of full time employees: 900
Our company is one of the largest construction, infrastructure and entrepreneurship companies in Israel with over 10 companies in our group, each with a wide variety of activities. Among them are vertical construction, electromechanical systems, electrical infrastructure,  control, unique smart city solutions, environment, water and more. Each company is a separate P&L but all the companies cooperate to provide a one-stop-shop of solutions
Number of internship positions available: 3
Internship Position Title: Depends on the company - contact us for details {CONTACT PAGE}
Descriptions of internship position(s): Depends on the company - contact us for details {CONTACT PAGE}